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Textile little common sense: Folk art of old-fashioned cloth hand-woven
Release date:2014.01.21  Read:  From:The original

         The old coarse cloth with a soft, comfortable, breathable, Sweat-absorbent, cool, can not afford to static, anti-radiation effects, with strong affinity for the skin. Also because of its rough lines, texture depth, formation does not wrinkle, no curling, the whole natural massage oil on the formation of numerous points on the skin care skin beauty play an unexpected effect on the skin without stimulation, anti-itch mite , regulating metabolism, improve sleep, effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation. Color cotton Series with far infrared function, can improve the body’s micro-circulation, regulating the nervous system, and clear the meridians and promote sleep. Coupled with its unique color, decency generous, feel thick, is the preferred home and apparel fabrics, with the collection and use of a double value.

        The old hand-woven coarse cloth weaving process is extremely complex, from mining to the previous line of woven cotton, sizes 78 to go through processes, which are 16 major processes: cotton ginning, spring flowers, the whole of cotton, spinning lines, play line, dyeing line, off line, the whole pattern, weft warping to do, and go forth shuttle of a loom, dig Comprehensive, suppository machines, weaving, the machine, repair fabric and so on, be considered a finished product.

        Soil coarse cotton production has been over a thousand years of history, the Ming and Qing dynasties as a tribute tribute was the royal family. Use of folk traditional craft techniques and modern technology of production of the "Dream special soft" series of bedding, the Department of greening and environmental protection products to ensure 100% cotton, with beautiful color, soft and comfortable characteristics such as close warm in winter and summer moisture Lek Khan, often use to protect the skin, eliminating fatigue, physical fitness, is mankind’s best for bedding.

         Past serve the present, using folk hand-weaving techniques, with traditional old coarse style, conform to the trend of green textiles, using natural cotton, natural colored cotton as raw material, the whole process from the cultivation of hand-woven products, non-polluting, non-chemical treatment, bleaching, dyeing, etc., without any chemical composition, is a real green environmental protection product to achieve the traditional folk craft, and the natural raw materials combining the Millennium Fantasy, make this an attractive blend of folk traditional craft has been inherited and development.